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Brand : ViSalus

Visalus Fuel Kit

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Fuel Kit
Regimen is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or people suffering from chronic disease.
†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not
intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
c h a l l e n g e k i t: fa c t s h e e t
Why this Kit?
Love the Shake, but love Vi Crunch, too? Now you don’t
have to choose! The Fuel Kit supports both weight-loss and
fitness goals.Enjoy a Vi-Shape® Shake a day and a bowl of Vi Crunch
Cereal a day for comprehensive, yet simple nutrition.
What’s in it?
Enjoy flavor variety and 2 meals a day for a month!
Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (30 servings)
Vi CrunchTM Protein Super Cereal (28 servings)
Shape-UpTM Health Flavor Mix-Ins Chocolate (7 servings)
Shape-UpTM Health Flavor Mix-Ins Strawberry (7 servings)
Vi CrunchTM Fusions – Chocolate Macadamia Granola (7 servings)
Vi CrunchTM Fusions – Tri-Berry Puffs (7 serving


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