Brand : SlimPlate System

SlimPlate System – Portion Control Plates for Weight Loss

Designed by Weight loss doctors in the U.S., the SlimPlate System is designed to get rid of bad eating habits for good, and while eating real food. The set includes 13 pieces of high quality bone china (not plastic portion plates) to help you build a diet around your own favorite foods. The SlimPlate System utilizes a series of precisely marked bowls, plates, and cups, as well as food cutters for items like sandwiches that don’t fit on the plate. You get four plates (one for each month), a breakfast plate, a snack bowl, a soup/cereal bowl, a cold cup, a hot cup, and four cutters. Each piece pinpoints a gradually-reduced portion size as users follow the weight loss program included in the kit. It is done over a four month period with the portion plates changing every month. When you buy the SlimPlate System, you also get to enroll in an online weight loss program completely free.


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