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Ripped Freak Hybrid Fat Burner (60 servings) & Carb Block Ultra (2 bottles) – The Ultimate Fat Burning / Weight Loss Package. DOUBLE Your Results!

RIPPED FREAK is the world’s first and only Hybrid Fat Burner! It’s called a Hybrid Fat Burner because it’s essentially three fat loss formulas in one. RIPPED FREAK’s Hybrid formula addresses the three major rate-limiting fat loss mechanisms in the body! There’s no other fat burner on the market that addresses these three fat-burning pathways with one powerful formula like RIPPED FREAK does! The combination of this breakthrough formula plus the powerful carb and starch eliminating ability of Carb Block Ultra has been shown to nearly double weight loss results and allow users to keep the unwanted weight off, even after you have reached your goal weight. Ripped Freak works to burn unhealthy and unsightly fat and speed the metabolism while Carb Block Ultra, when taken before a meal, blocks carbohydrates from turning into unsightly fat, The result is a powerful “1 – 2 punch” that kicks your weight loss results into overdrive!


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