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Pure Forskolin 250mg, #1 Amazon Ranked, Fat Burner, Appetite Suppressant, Weight Loss Supplement

Pure Forskolin

Forskolin capsules contain the scientifically regulated plant extract of the natural Ayurvedic herb Coleus forkohlii in conjunction with Acetyl tyrosine. This plant extract constituent is popular for its innumerable health as well as weight loss boons.

Benefits of Forskolin:

➢ LYPOLYSIS: Forskolin efficiently triggers cell receptors by the stimulation of adenycyclase enzyme that enhances the level of cyclic AMP (cAMP) in body cells. This promotes the process of lipolysis, which as a result, breaks down fat cells and consequently induces a rapid decrease in weight, body fat percentage and fat mass, according to a study performed on obese/overweight men.

➢ ENHANCED CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: By raising the production of cyclic AMP, contractility of cardiac muscles is increased, arteries and other smooth muscles are relaxed and healthy heartbeats are generated.

➢ OPTIMAL THYROID HORMONE FUNCTIONING AND METABOLISM: Forskolin stimulates the production of Thyroid hormones and the other hormones produced with it. Thyroid is responsible for the regulation of metabolic rate. Hence, faster metabolism is achieved which burns more calories and rapid weight loss is accomplished.

➢ HYPERTENSION RELIEF: Forskolin is a vasodilator; it lowers blood pressure.

➢ FAT THERMOGENESIS IN FAT CELLS AND THE MAINTENANCE OF LEAN MUSCLES: By the buildup of cAMP, the process of fat reduction via heat occurs. It also maintains lean muscle mass that continues the body’s thermogenic response to food and basal metabolic rate, according to a research conducted on rats. Fatty acids from Adipose tissue are also burned.


Extensive research denotes that Forskolin is one of the best products in bolstering speedy weight decline and providing salubrious benefits after its consumption. It’s reliable and efficient, and acts instantly. Exercise and a good diet are also recommended.


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