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Parasite Detox X.treme by Absonutrix – Parasite Cleanser 60 Capsules

Nature is composed of diverse types of living creatures and all of these organisms are dependant one or the other way on each other. Similarly, organisms parasitizing the others are both harmful and beneficial types. Some are potentially harmful and can even cause death as well. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your body clean from harmful parasites regularly. Nature is the best source to keep your body clean from these parasites. There are many plants containing alkaloids, tannins and others, which are very toxic and effective in killing these parasites.

Absonutrix Parasite Detox X.treme is developed keeping in view the same concept. This product is unique in its composition and formulation because most of the ingredients used in this medicine has proven anthelmintic effects and additional substances are there to increase the immunity of the body.

It has the following:
Apple Pectin Powder
Black Walnut Hull Powder
Carrot Juice Powder
Papaya Fruit Powder
Pau D’Arco Powder
Clove Powder
Wormwood powder
Oregon Grape Root
Blue berry leaf
Golden Thread
Echinacea Angustifolia Powder

One container of Absonutrix Parasite Detox Xtreme contains 60 capsules and its dose is two capsules with food three times a day for ten days. Repeat in two to three weeks if necessary.


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