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Lauren Brooks’ The Kettlebell Body DVD

The Kettlebell BodyTM is the DVD that everyone has been waiting for. This is literally designed and carefully programmed for the complete beginner, intermediate, and the most advance student. The Kettlebell Body is designed for ALL levels and even better ALL ages! The more advanced you get the heavier bells you will want and need. It’s that simple! Includes the most intricate and detailed demonstration section filmed yet. This DVD takes you back to the beginning, the foundational movement patterns that set the stage. This evolved detailed instruction will change the game and ensure you’re off to an amazing start. Wake up more muscles in your body to enhance your skill of STRENGTH and POWER which will in turn give you The Kettlebell BodyTM! The first DVD that features a Kettlebell body from 4 generations of inspirational females. The only DVD of it’s kind that solely focuses on movement quality with rep focus as oppose to timed sessions. If you are looking to get strong and lean for life, this is it! The most comprehensive of the Lauren Brooks DVD collection. DVD FEATURES: * Half Hour of detailed step by step instructions * 3 Follow Along Workouts * KettlesculptTM – Sculpt and Strengthen your entire body from head to toe. * KettlebuttsTM – Shape and firm the Glutes you’ve always wanted. * The Kettlebell BodyTM – What every body needs * Modifications within the workouts for different levels * Mobility Warm Up/Cool Down section * DVD Running Time: Over 100 minutes * Demonstrations 30 min * KettlesculptTM 22 min * KettlebuttsTM 22 min * The Kettlebell BodyTM 25 min *


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