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Forskolin 500 mg Super MAX – Pure Coleus Forskolin 500 Root Extract – Double the strength of the Forskolin 250 mg – Highest Extract concentration on the Market! – Standardized to 20% yielding an incredible 100 mg Active Forskolin – Belly Buster – Promotes the Breakdown of Stored Fat, Fat Blocker, Increases Metabolism and is an Appetite Suppressant – 30 capsules -1 Month Supply. – No Side Effects

Never have to buy another Diet Pill!

time proven formula will allow you to STOP the search for ways in which to lose weight! Plus, with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have no risk what so ever.

Vital Points about our Forskolin 500:

– Nature’s Healthy Body has formulated the purest dose of Coleus Forskolin Root Extract concentrate on the market! Each 500 mg capsule is filled with very pure and very expensive 100 percent Forskolin! There are no fillers such as rice flower which is necessary in most of the 250mg Forskolin on the market..

Each batch is individually tested for highest quality Forskolin after it arrives at our manufacturing facility by third party laboratories.

– Coleus forskohlii grows wild on the mountains of Nepal, India and Thailand and must be tested for impurities before it is processed. This third party testing is very important.

– The root extract has been used for centuries to help prevent skin rashes, asthma, bronchitis, insomnia, epilepsy, and angina. More recently it has been identified as natural product that can help lower blood pressure and decrease muscle spasms.

Today’s Uses:

AND NOW clinical studies have found coleus Forskolin root extract to have appetite suppressing capabilities along with a unique ability to cause
WEIGHT LOSS! – Adding Forskolin to you daily supplements is “like lighting a furnace inside the fat cells,” as one popular TV Doctor noted.

– The great thing about this product is that it attacks the fat cells and not muscle.
Ultimately losing weight in those hard to lose areas of your body!

– No Side Effects!

– Needs to be taken in the morning about 30 minutes before eating.

– Make sure to check with your doctor if you are having any medical problems.


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