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FOCUS Extended Portion Control Kit, Perfect for Healthy Living and Weight Loss – Made of Porcelain – 1 Place Setting

If you’re looking to manage your weight, glucose, blood sugar or metabolism easily, effectively and enjoyably, you’re in the right place. FOCUS is the evolution of portion control – and you’ll love what the future’s got in store.<

Healthy eating’s never been easier – or more fun. Keep your food inside the lines (portion control markings are artfully integrated right into the design of your new dinnerware) and you’re on target that’s all there is to it.

Dietitian-designed,stunningly beautiful, Porcelain China Portion Control Dinnerware System, new from Precise Portions! So beautiful that it could easily occupy the place of pride on your dinner table, for each and every meal.

Making it easy to eat well. Portion Control dishes and bowls made by Precise Portions are well known for their brilliant whiteness, strength and stunning designs.

Precise Portions presents you portion control plates and bowls lovingly crafted from Porcelain China with beautiful graphics outlining the recommended portions of vegetables, grains, starch, meats and beans.

what’s all in the box?

Package contains a plate, bowl, glass, placemats and coaster for 1 place setting:

1- 9″ Focus Portion Control Plate

1 18oz bowl

1 8oz snacking bowl

1 10oz drinking glass

1 – 6″ dessert plate

1 – 9″ covered to-go plate

7 menu planning worksheets & a FREE bonus

Free bonus: You’ll also receive Precise Portions’ ‘Quick-Start Guide to Healthy Eating”. This 16-page booklet is packed with useful tips and advice to help you keep succeeding, and there’s even a new bonus section at the back with 7 “free” foods and drinks you can always enjoy


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