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Brand : Dr Ho's

DR-HO’s 30 Day Digestive Detox, 30 Count

DR-HO’s 30 day digestive detox is an all natural, vegetarian, gluten-free and diabetic friendly detox kit. Designed to cleanse the body of toxins, parasites and bacteria, the 30 day digestive detox is also designed to help retrain your digestive tract. A healthy digestive system allows for daily bowel movements to remove toxic fecal matter that can lead to other problems such as gas, bloating, irregularity and more. However, poor diet, stress, and other factors can lead to a less than healthy digestive system. If you suffer from gas, bloating, irregularity, constipation, IBS or poor digestion, the 30 day digestive detox kit can help promote a healthier digestive system, and retrain your body for healthy regularity. This easy 3-step program only takes 15 minutes out of your day, starting with 3 digestive detoxifier veggie-capsules in the morning to help kill bacteria and parasites, followed 10 minutes later by the digestive cleanser, a banana-flavored fiber shake to help cleanse the digestive tract. Finish your day with a cup of serene-tea to help your body and mind relax for restful sleep while promoting healthy regularity for your body. This colon cleanse is not a laxative so your body will not rely on the continued use of this product. DR-HO recommends that you drink 6-8 glasses of water a day in order to obtain the best results from this cleanse.


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