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Brand : BodySuperior

Bodysuperior White Kidney Bean Extract, 500mg, 100 Veggie Capsules (Carbohydrate Blocker and Enzyme Inhibitor), 3 Pack

100% Pure White Kidney Bean Extract is the newest and most highly anticipated supplement from BodySuperior. Scientifically supported and university research-verified, white kidney bean extract has been shown to help block carbohydrates from being absorbed and utilized during digestion. This effectively lowers the total amount of carb calories consumed after a meal. Utilizing white kidney bean extract immediately before meals can help you lose more weight when on a strict diet.
We all know what it’s like to have to cut carbs when dieting, and it’s not fun. Drowsiness, lack of energy and feelings of discomfort are all to common when drastically cutting carbs. Luckily, with 100% Pure White Kidney Bean Extract you can feel less guilty about eating occasional carbs or enjoying a once a week cheat meal that has more carbs than usual in it. White kidney bean extract helps block these unwanted carbs and keep you on track to getting the results you desire. Be sure and add this powerful carb blocker to your supplement regimen when dieting and looking for the fastest results possible.


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