Brand : Applied Nutrition

Applied Nutrition Raspberry Ketone Wow, 40 Count

Raspberry Ketone Wow Plus CLA and amazing razberi K, a lipo metabolic burner with powerful thermogenic action with EGCg to help burn calories and fat. This truly innovative product can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Red raspberries are a source of vital nutrients and cell protecting antioxidants that are beneficial for health. With the recent discovery of raspberry ketones, this power packed berry has begun to attract the attention of scientists and health conscious consumers worldwide. Raspberry ketones, also known as 4 (4 hydroxyphenyl) butan 2 one, are special compounds that give red raspberries their unique aroma. Emerging research suggests that raspberry ketones may help to break down fat (lipolysis) in the human body. This product delivers a full 300 mg of this amazing ingredient.


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